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Snail Bob 1

Snail Bob 1, is a unique puzzle flash game. This game puts you in the shoes of a snail that is looking for a new home to live in. Although playing as a slow snail may sound painfully boring, interesting enemies, interactive puzzles, and difficult obstacles make the game fun. Every challenging level you complete will put you, the snail, closer to finding a new home. Over time, the game will get progressively harder, and the range of challenges include launching your snail through the air, pushing buttons or pulling levers to get to other pathways, and avoiding apparent dangers. Snail Bob 1 will cater to those that are new to puzzle games, those who are experienced with puzzle games, and it can even be played by kids. To support that, the controls are extremely simple. The controls only revolve around using the number keys to slow down or speed up the snail's movement, or to use your left mouse button for interacting with objects in the environment. Clicking on Bob makes him stay still, allowing you you leave him on buttons, or stop him as you think through the obstacles he will face. In addition to solving the puzzles and getting your snail through the level, each stage has a few hidden stars to collect, and are extremely concealed. In addition to that, there is more replay value with other fun things to do in each stage. If Bob the snail dies throughout your journey to conquer all twenty of the levels, you can replay the stage as often as you want, as there is no game-over screen that is present in other games. This game is coupled with an amazing in-game soundtrack, which you can turn off it isn't to your liking. In addition, it has colorful, energetic graphics which match the mood of the game.